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Hemp Harvesting Equipment

You're growing hemp this year. Have you thought about how to harvest? If you are planning on mechanically harvesting, your planting method may influence your options on usable equipment. Here are some options for mechanically harvesting hemp.



The CleanCut has been Formation Ag's lead harvester for 3 years and is capable of harvesting a wide range of planting methods. It is rated for stalks up to 2-3/8 inch in diameter and can harvest most planting methods from densely planted to wide row spacing. It also does well with harvesting large plants. 


Super CleanCut

NEW FOR 2020! The Super CleanCut was designed in partnership with Bish Enterprises and combines the benefits of Formation Ag's CleanCut with Bish Enterprises' Super Crop row harvester. It is designed to be able to harvest row planted hemp plants. A benefit to the Super CleanCut is the ability to lift branches in wider row spacing so that plant material is not left behind. It also cuts the stalk at between 9 and 15 inches off the ground, leaving the largest part of the stalk out of the drying process! This unit works well for row spacing of 30 and 60 inches.



The CleanStrip header is designed to gently strip buds from the stalk in the field, leaving behind up to 80% of the water weight. Faster drying, and NO hand shucking required! This harvester is the most efficient and fastest hemp harvesting method for cannabinoid crops available. Harvesting with the CleanStrip is designed for row spacing of less than 28 inches. It is great for auto flower genetics!



The GrassHopper Chaff collection cart is a vacuum system dump cart for collecting material from the CleanStrip during harvesting, or collecting chaff behind a combine for additional cannabinoid revenue during a grain harvest. The vacuum system ensures gentle treatment of material while providing a completely enclosed and controlled collection to mitigate potential losses.


Why Harvest Mechanically?

Labor can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. Mechanizing your hemp harvest can greatly reduce labor requirements. Equipment specifically designed for hemp decreases overall production costs and increases farm efficiency taking more money to your bottom line. If you want to further discuss harvesting options for your operation, reply to this email, or call us at 719.849.6633

Randy Wright